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Our mission – to give everyone the opportunity to find useful, interesting and open communication online, to unite people around ideas for the sake of finding the truth!

we believe that the world becomes better when we unite people around a common thought and share knowledge and skills with each other

Grupius platform  is a technology for convenient and effective management of online meetings, classes and courses using online communities



inspires, motivates, supports and develops



helps everyone find exactly the communication channel they need right now



provides all participants in the process with the necessary functionality on the platform, helps everyone establish and regulate relations between each other

how does it work

the Grupius platform, together with you as a Сreator, forms a community and attracts an audience of your listeners. You hold online meetings, share knowledge within the community, chat and answer questions from the audience. An emotional connection and trust in you as an expert is formed. You start selling your online products, courses, seminars, workshops, etc., in the middle of the community

who is the creator

anyone who wants to share knowledge and skills online, who wants to teach, create online schools, form communities, connect people, create their own online projects and earn money doing what they love

01. GrupiUS

- is a meeting management system where everyone can create their own mechanism for receiving interesting communication on the chosen topic

02. GrupiUS

- is Microlearning in the flow, which allows everyone to quickly receive effective, small, but relevant amounts of knowledge and skills

03. GrupiUS

- is marketing for an expert, which gives everyone the opportunity to present themselves and their solutions to interested audiences and receive effective feedback

04. GrupiUS

- this is a modern and technological educational solution based on the most modern theory of education -Connectivism


The tragic events of 2022 in our country became a crazy incentive for the project. Since 2016, we have been equipping educational children's institutions in the city of Irpin, Kyiv region: from the development of a design project to the implementation and manufacture of furniture and equipment. Our team survived the shelling, we completely lost production and offices - they burned down. We almost lost our own lives... We all fled from Irpen... We survived a crazy road, shelling, panic and hope... And then there was a pause. Somewhere... Good people helped us. We are alive, we are not at home, we are somewhere and somehow. And something must be done...

What can we do? Organize educational processes? To produce furniture and equipment for schools and kindergartens? Develop educational technologies? What can we do? We can believe and love... What can we do? We can talk!!! Here and now! What should we do? We have to gather ourselves and gather everyone! We cannot be silent! Children first: our children, not our children, all children.... Children, because this war is stealing their childhood now. And our children are our future! That is why the flagship of the Grupius project became the first channel "Poklyk" (Call) - a channel of communication with children for their psychological support and development.


Grupius was born as our awareness of the Poklyk, as a technical solution to it.

Grupius is a platform for interesting communication, for transferring knowledge and experience to those who need it here and now!

contacts  |  tel: +380 98 317 1581

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