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  • What do I personally need to know and be able to launch my project on Groupius?
    Your main role is the ideologue of the project! You must clearly understand - what you will talk about, what specifically to teach and feel - who, which people need it. And also have an idea about who will be the speaker at these online classes - you or another expert, so that the classes are interesting and useful. Nothing more! We will do the rest together with you! Grupius will accompany you at every stage, providing tools and services, mentoring and technical support.
  • How many people should be in my team?
    You can start the project yourself and do everything yourself. It is not difficult, because all tools are automated, there are clear instructions and support from a mentor, moderator and technical service.
  • Can I earn enough from one project on Grupius to do just that?
    Grupius technology will allow you to deal only with your project and earn enough from it to not worry about other work. Let's delve a little into the numbers. Example: a small project on Grupius is 700 participants, up to 90 classes per month (up to 3 classes per day). The net profit of such a project is from 20,000 hryvnias per month. The average project on Grupius is 1,500 participants, up to 200 classes per month and a profit of 50,000 hryvnias per month. But there are also large projects with 10,000 or more participants, many classes, many speakers-teachers, and incomes of hundreds of thousands of hryvnias per month. So, the choice is yours!
  • How will people come to my classes without any advertising? I have experience, it is not possible.
    The Grupius platform is built on modern online learning technology in communities and is created in such a way that your work is automatically the best advertisement for you and your project! At the start, you just need to start conducting classes in order to find and form your audience - your community. It happens quickly and easily, and you will not need to spend your money on advertising, but you will need to spend your time, your inspiration and your energy. However, if it is necessary to "push" your project with advertising, the platform will do it automatically, without your spending time and money. We are both interested in your success!
  • How will the community help me and my business?
    The community is a support for its organizer and the project. The community helps in the project: Improve product performance (cheaper engagement, longer retention, higher average check) Strengthen the team (involvement, cohesion and effect 1 + 1 = 11) Form a strong environment and connections (personal, professional, neighborhood) Personality community helps: Finding yourself through reflection in the right environment Find support and support Get talent recognition Trust is one of the important reasons why people come to the community. It is within our power to shape it!
  • Who is a mentor and why is his support so important?
    The interaction of an experienced person in a specific field with someone who is just starting his journey and wants to reach a certain level is called mentoring. Mentoring consists in the transfer of experience, knowledge and skills from a more professional person to a beginner. Such interaction is not formal, the effectiveness of cooperation between mentor and mentee (mentee) depends on trust between both participants and communication. Modern mentoring is mentoring combined with counseling, coaching, and sometimes elements of psychological support. Just imagine how valuable it is when you meet such a person at the very beginning of your journey and receive the necessary knowledge from him. Such interaction will save you from many mistakes, loss of time and money, and will lead to the desired result along the same path. The Grupius platform gives you the opportunity to choose a mentor from the very beginning of cooperation, who will accompany and advise you throughout the journey and will support you at all stages of your project.
  • Is the Grupius platform right for me?
    Who is the platform suitable for? - to experts and teachers who teach online or just plan to start sharing knowledge with the audience - for psychologists, doctors, nutritionists, cosmetologists who want to conduct consultations online from anywhere, conduct seminars and master classes - representatives of creative professions (musicians, photographers, artists, make-up artists, etc.) who wish to share their knowledge and teach online - athletes, fitness trainers, yoga teachers who want to teach online and create a community of their followers No matter who you are, an expert, teacher, teacher, just a professional in any field, and you want to start teaching and earning online, with Grupius it will be easy and clear for you to do it. If you have been dreaming of your own online project for a long time, but still hesitated - now is the time!
  • Why are you using Telegram for your platform? I would be more comfortable in Viber, for example!
    We use Telegram because it is the most convenient of all messengers for creating and managing channels and chats. Our task is to create the most comfortable conditions specifically for content creators. As far as users are concerned, we don't see much difference in them switching to Telegram if they like the content. Yes, there are certain groups of users for whom this may be a bit more difficult, but the benefits of Telegram for creators have so far outweighed our concerns about this issue. Yes, we understand that messengers are a niche market and relying on just one player is a bit risky. And yes, we are working on creating our own messenger for this project or making the platform available to all messengers.
  • What is Connectivism?
    Connectivism is a new approach to the learning process taking into account modern information and telecommunication technologies, which was described in 2004 by George Siemens (George Siemens. Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. December 12, 2004) Connectivism is an attempt to overcome static approaches to learning, when knowledge is no longer static information, but rather a flow. Main principles of connectivism: • variety of approaches to acquiring knowledge • learning is a process of forming a network (creating new connections) and making decisions, • learning and learning happen constantly - it is always a process, not a state; • a key skill today is the ability to see connections and make sense between fields of knowledge, concepts and ideas; • knowledge can exist outside of a person, and technologies help and facilitate a person in learning; • the ability to learn something new is more important than the knowledge we have at the moment; • learning and knowledge are generated from the diversity of opinions; • timeliness, updateability of knowledge - a necessary feature of modern education, folders have been replaced by streams • traditional courses are not the main means of learning Connectivism is very simple and naturally based on the modern way of life, where technology is an integral part.
  • What is Microlearning?
    Microlearning is a new educational trend. Microlearning is characterized by many small, independent learning modules, so-called micro-content, which are usually completed in short periods of time. These learning units can last 10-15 minutes or more, but can also be a few seconds. Each educational unit is dedicated to a specific topic. Content can take many formats, from text to fully interactive multimedia content, but should always be short. What are the advantages of microlearning? - Actuality During training in this format, students or employees receive only the information they need right now and immediately consolidate what they have learned in practice. In this way, they remember the material better, because there is no need to memorize everything in a row. - Availability Information needed for learning modules is available anytime, anywhere thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones - Individuality Each student can find a format that suits him. - Flexibility You can choose the time and place when it is convenient for you to study and integrate small study blocks into your daily life - No exhaustion Since microlearning information blocks are divided into short parts, defocus can be avoided. In addition, the topics are very clear, based on relevant information, and at the same time are worked out in a very easy, understandable way. A person can easily understand the content and will feel less depressed and tired
  • What should I do if I still have doubts about whether to do a project on Grupius?
    Go to the platform using the link. There you can arrange an introductory meeting with a mentor before making a final decision.
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